Event Sponsers

We are lucky to have some lovely sponsers for some of our events. Please check out the links below to find out more about them.


Loanhead Equestrian Supplies to sponser Winter Dressage League

Loanhead Equestrian Supplies

G S Haulage Ltd to sponser Junior Winter Showjumping League




Forest Log Cabins - http://www.forestlogcabins.com/

Hoofus - 


Skoff Catering - Skoff Catering

Sam Thompson Farrier - 

Axis Well Technology - http://www.axis-wt.com/



Oldtown Equestrian - Oldtown Equestrian

Precision Pump Metering - http://www.precisionpumping.co.uk/

Morven Book Keeping - Morven Bookkeeping

Loanhead Equestrian Supplies - Loanhead Equestrian Supplies

Wills Oakden Eventing - Wills Oakden Eventing

Eclat Equestrian - https://eclatequestrian.com/

If you would like to sponser one of our events or classes please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Dorothy Burnett for more information on what we need from you 

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